Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer begins!

Yes, we got a pop-up. Go ahead, make fun, have your laughs, call us wimps, call us domesticated. We already have matching cruiser bikes, so this is the obvious next step in gentile camping. Now I have to practice backing up trailers. I will conquer! Nothing says "camping fun" Like a back-the-trailer-up for the first time screech match. My handsome Husband had his turn, now it is mine.
So of course our first trip was met with BUCKETS of rain. But hey! We got a pop-up, so we don't care!
Can't play Monopoly in a tent in the rain. But you can in a Pop-up! By the way, Mr. 1% over there totally creamed me, what with his utilities and railroads.Just look at his plotting, 1% face.
And because we didn't want our game infiltrated by the sticky fingers of the masses, we subjugated them with cartoons. OH YEAH! Cartoons and camping. Can't do that in a tent.
The face of a child who is usually totally deprived of shows. A bit scary, actually.
Our neglected garden...But if we just cut down a few more trees, we can make a huge mess and distract ourselves further from the planting process. But now we do have lots of nice sun in the garden zone.
And an awesome temporary gym/fort for kids and dog.

Personal packing lists, because we are going camping the Pop-up!
We started the kids out on a 6 miler, up to a fire tower in Pawtuckaway State Park, huge boulders to scramble on.
Just because we are in the woods does not mean one should compromise one's fashion integrity.   ;) M2

Dad & the kids. When things got tiresome for the kids, a lively game of "BAD GUY" kept their minds off the fact that we had been walking uphill for an hour.

The destination! Also known as the good guy headquarters.
The feeling of making it to the top. Pretty cool.
These kids had enough gumption to go kayaking & snorkeling after the 6 miler.
Camping is better with friends. Our buddies and their kids met us and happy chaos ensued.
Girls and their Fairy house.
E on her way to Kindergarten celebration
Oh       so         FANCY!
E with the most fabulous Mrs. Chenette
Zac was there for the goodies.
School friends.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Picture update!

We don't really fit, but we don't really care about those middling details.
First lost tooth!

I am seeing a little 80's style synth band in Z these days...

...because when we come back from a hike, we always pull our pants down for the last mile, then leave them down.

This machine is called "The Rainbow Rikker."  It is a spaceship and also offers protection from trolls, giants and Mums. Capt. Z is the only one that can make it work and if you touch it, it will make you fart forever.

Movie Night! E invited all of her pals and cannot smile without including the tooth-gap. By the way, if you ever wondered what the tooth fairy does with your teeth, She grinds them into blocks to build fairy things with, and the leftover dust is used to sprinkle on kids for good dreams. A little creepy, but there you have it. She's my girl.

Oh sweet peach blossoms

apple blossoms!
Origami craft time

Mother's day spread. Pretty awesome family I have.