Monday, June 4, 2012

Picture update!

We don't really fit, but we don't really care about those middling details.
First lost tooth!

I am seeing a little 80's style synth band in Z these days...

...because when we come back from a hike, we always pull our pants down for the last mile, then leave them down.

This machine is called "The Rainbow Rikker."  It is a spaceship and also offers protection from trolls, giants and Mums. Capt. Z is the only one that can make it work and if you touch it, it will make you fart forever.

Movie Night! E invited all of her pals and cannot smile without including the tooth-gap. By the way, if you ever wondered what the tooth fairy does with your teeth, She grinds them into blocks to build fairy things with, and the leftover dust is used to sprinkle on kids for good dreams. A little creepy, but there you have it. She's my girl.

Oh sweet peach blossoms

apple blossoms!
Origami craft time

Mother's day spread. Pretty awesome family I have.

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