Sunday, September 30, 2012

Florida post script story

We went to  Mai-Kai in  Ft. Lauderdale, It is a Polynesian restaurant that has a Polynesian musical and dance review.  The place is walled in with lush flowering garden paths, totems, waterfalls, a huge wood fired oven, a bar that has that 'Interior of Yellow Submarine decor'. The rest was 'Authentic Island Village' It was like southeast Asia in the Disney Universe. You wander around, they seat you, you eat then watch a show.
Anyway the show is introduced by a gloriously beautiful lady with long black hair, wearing a bikini top and grass skirt, and immediately E is transfixed. Z was asleep on my lap. The drums start and two wild looking men leap out and shriek and stomp and dance in mad patterns around the stage.
Z is oblivious.
E is having a physical, full sensory reaction.
Then the women come out and they are gyrating their hips in circles and make percussion with their accessories.
E is delighted.
Dad is trying to wake up Z.
The ladies danced the hula around the men. Their long, black hair swayed.
Z finally woke up.
The men danced with fire sticks and put fire on their skin without getting burned.
The men danced a war dance with spears and Z was now totally and completely engaged.
 Z was now a disciple.
The beautiful, wild ladies joined the fire dance.
E turned to her father and said, "Daddy, If you married her... then, she could be my mother and I could know how to dance like that."
Also, my drink came in a tiki face take-home cup. But had I paid more attention, I would have read somewhere on the menu, that my husband's drink did not. I walked out with both.  I was stopped at the door by the hostess who said, "Ma'am, I can't let you take that cup."

Recap: Went to theme restaurant. Daughter now plotting to replace me. Son has internalized the Samoan Dance of War. Got caught stealing cup.


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