Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Seat belt

Funny story:

Not so long ago, the kids thought it was very funny to unbuckle themselves in the car while we were driving. They wouldn't listen to my pleas for safety. What was I to do? I told them that it was against the law to ride in the car with no buckle. Well, I actually told then that the police would take them to jail if they kept unbuckling themselves. ("against the law" holds no real meaning for them, but "Going to jail" is grown-up time out, so they get that.)
That seemed to solve it.
One day we were out on a drive and Dad started to pull out of a parking space while Zac was still buckling himself.
Oh my, the panic that ensued!
Dennis looked at me and asked, "Why is Z hyperventilating about being taken to jail because he is not buckled?"
"Hmmmm?" I replied, then, "Well... I had no other options!"
"Way to instill fear of authority figures, Munday. Nice to know they are growing up with a healthy relationship towards the police."
"They get buckled now though, so that's good, right?"

I am a terrible mother.

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  1. Sounds perfectly natural to me. And let's be real, you are a fantastic mother! One of the best!