Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moved to tears and chasing deers

 Crying in public.
Nobody wants to see that unless there is a tragedy going on.
It's just awkward.
So here is my problem: Music moves me to tears.
I could be driving the kids around wherever and some tune comes over the radio and it is just the right chord. Or some music playing in some shop. Forget about Yoga class music. Whatever those particular frequencies are trigger the sap centers of my brain and I will get seriously choked up and teary eyed. I cringe just thinking about it.  News report soundtracks for chrissakes!  It doesn't take much. I even choke myself up. And this is a real issue here. I choke myself up when I play music. I mean it. I have choked up over twinkle twinkle before.
So there I was on Saturday at the Salem Farmer's market, with my instruments and books and puppets, settling down to entertain the people, and I pull out a song that my mum used to sing when we were kids. I open my mouth to sing and all of a sudden a lump rushes up my gullet and my eyes yoink with tears and I have to play the intro 5 or 6 times before I get it together enough to sing the thing. This then happened with the next somg and the next until I could mentally beat the impulse back into the misfiring brain nodule from whence it came. How embarrassing. I would join crybabies anonymous but I can't stand watching people cry in public.

Last week was great fun at the Massabesic Audobon Center. We go there for what E & Z call "Outdoor Adventure School" They learned what it was like to be a deer in the winter. They started off trying to hop as far as deer can

Then we went out in the woods, first to find things that deer would eat, then to find good spots to ruminate and be protected from wolves. 
 Then the kids got to be wolves and hunt down the deer (Miss. Kim, their teacher).
 Emma wolf on high alert.
 Zac wolf was mostly concerned with keeping up
 Back at the classroom making our Deer craft

Grandma Lynne and Grandpa Bob got the kids gymnastics lessons for Christmas. They have been doing headstands and somersaults ever since. I am just happy that I have found something that can wear out the Zacker.

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