Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Earth Day Puppet Show

Earth Day came early at the Massabesic Audobon Center, Auburn, NH. It was a raw, windy day but that didn't stop the brave folk who came out for music, campfire, workshops and puppet show. I have been working on a puppet show concept about compost and this was my debut. The show is about my puppet friend "B" who wants to make a compost pile. His first attempt is not so successful: old boots and plastic and meat and garbage don't compost well, so B tries again. Then, all pooped out from making me do all the work, B goes and takes a nap and misses all the micro and macroorganism shennanagins that make a compost pile turn into dirt. It was fun and fast paced and the kids got involved by holding puppets.
I will be working this show this summer at farmer's markets and such, so there will be plenty of opportunities to see it if you are in the NH area.

talking about bacteria, fungus and molds


centipedes and red wigglers

after the puppet compost has turned to puppet dirt, kids get to check out a live vermiculture compost

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