Thursday, July 28, 2011

 E worries about her dreams and a while ago she listed off  bad dreams she remembers that are troubling her sleep. "Remember that dream I had about my hand falling off?" She said. She often asks me if I remember stuff, like we share a collective memory pool. She  asks me what she is thinking sometimes and gets really frustrated when I guess wrong or say I don't know. She simply doesn't understand how our thoughts are separate
"Yes, I remember, that was because your hand was squished under your body and went numb, when you woke up, you couldn't feel your hand. It didn't really fall off." 
"What about the dream where Zac got eaten by a crocodile?
and the dream where I get run over by a car with  shark teeth?
And the dream where Aber has a shark mouth on his back
and the dream where you get pulled off a ladder by a bunch of mad weeds
and the dream where I am sitting in a chair with arms and hands and feet and body parts all over me
and the dream where there are ducks with shark teeth.
There are a lot of shark teeth in her dreams.
When asked if I remember my dreams, I told her about dreaming that I was really thirsty and every time I went to turn on the tap, something other than water would come out. Emma thought that was a pretty lame dream and told me I would be better off not dreaming at all. 
Not as cool as shark teeth.                                                         

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