Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year everybody!
We went Down East to ring in 2012 and learned that Eastport was considered "The Quirkiest Place in the U.S. to Celebrate the New Year." (According to Trip Advisor mag.)
As much as I am sure Eastportians would cringe at being called "quirky" I have to say that the moniker works. And here is our experience with it.

We first arrived at the grandparents house and let me tell you about Christmas land at Buggy & Grampy's. I challenge anyone to a Christmas spirit contest with Buggy. This is a life's work. We are talking Christmas trees in every room. (sometimes more than one.) and more Santas than you can count. Literally. One year we got to 160 and had to stop counting. Amazing.

I made this one for Buggy, but I have since stopped being an enabler

This tree is only Santa heads. Buggy keeps it in her room. I keep my collection of shrunken heads in my room too. We have so much in common, my mother-in-law and I!


Santas lucky enough to keep their heads live in this room.

There is no way out. All doors lead to Christmas Land.

When we arrive, the house is all lit up and smells like mulling spices. The kids go into a kind of trance, Daddy manages his phobia of decorations with a holiday beer and I am not allowed to touch.
But I love this.

And the quirkiness continues...To Eastport for New Year's Eve!

We were to witness the international celebration of a Down East New year, with a Dropping of a maple leaf for Canada, and one hour later, the dropping of an 8' sardine to ring in the year for the U.S.
Daddy and I booked a room at a certain place we shall refer to as "The Motel Yeast" whose "quirkiness" is off the charts.
Here, let me show you the bathroom:

Go ahead, have a looksee

...little closer...

Ohh! what a quirky live bacteria bathtub!
He loves Quirky. Big fan.


The shower head adds to the overall ambiance, don't you think? Great colours! and the best part is the purple light makes the bacteria glow!

The bedroom was just as quirky, but I was too busy inspecting interesting looking dark specks and inhaling the aroma of tobacco smoke on the sheets to take pictures.

The gallery and cafe Rose Garden was putting on a supper, so we went there with the kids for that. Then the kids went home with Buggy and Grampy and we took a nap. (Wild and crazy, right?) We roused ourselves to greet the Canadian new year though and spiked ourselves with baklava and Greek coffee at the Liberty Cafe. Then out into the biting, salted air just in time to see the Canadian maple leaf drop and sing OH CANADA. I used my best falsetto, and of course, choked up.
The time between Canada and the States and their New Year's.

Can you see the sardine? There were no spotlights or anything, (the quirk factor) But one could kind of make it out.  The excitement was palpable, let me tell you!
Capturing the silhouette of a bearded Mainer is supposed to bring good luck in the new year. Lucky me!
There was terrific music playing at the Tides Institute between the New Years,
 but as the lights were really bright inside and the room stuffed with people, we decided to stay outside,
wishing they had outdoor speakers to pipe the music to us.
We wandered back up the street to the Rose Garden where we sampled some more local talent. Nice music Eastoprt, I mean that sincerely.

It was nearing midnight and we were out on the street again in the chill when we looked across to a warm looking and good smelling sight.

Ah Bank Square. Pizza and Really Real Mexican Food. Go figure, but it is true. And delicious.  So we went.
We were treated to some of that Down East Hospitality too. Upon hello, I was informed of the proprietor's views of New Year's Eve Revelers. (They stink.)  How pleased she was to be there. (Not so very.) As well as the chances they will open until midnight next year. (No chance in hell.) Having gotten that off her chest though, we were treated to a lovely smile and the most yummy burritos ever. Worth the trip alone. I am happy to have participated in the one time event.

 Almost time for 2012!

Then the OOmpah band played Auld Lang Sine and kids ran around and everyone cheered and lined up to get their picture taken kissing the fish. More good luck!

We finished off our eve with a walk around the town, then retired to our odoriferous abode, llistening to the revelry wafting from the  Happy Crab pub next door: The only place we did not go, but we still got to participate in a way as the scraps and scuffles that took place outside the pub happened right outside our window. I think that is good luck too. According to a good source, if one did venture to the Crab, they were met at the bar by a certain character, arms spread wide bellowing the greeting: "I AM THE ONLY GOD YOU NEEEED!"  Awesomeness.

SO that is our experience with  Quirky New Year celebrations.
we capped it all off with a first hike of 2012 at Shackford Head with our great friends the next day, and before we left for home, we walked the magic path at Papa's, where Daddy used to go as a boy. As we finished the walk, a misty rain was filling the air and I got a picture of a rainbow over Papa's old house. The best bit of luck yet.
Here's hoping your 2012 is filled with Quirky adventures and a good mix of family, friends, history and future successes.
Cheers from the Lincolns.


  1. Oh. My. God. I am dying right now, Karen. In a good way...

  2. W.O.W. You put the fun in funny and I am so happy to know you.