Thursday, September 22, 2011

how about a big ol' cup of bleh

Ha! I am posting in a bad mood! I defy the conventions that try to force me to only talk positive and find something cathartic about my silly little life. I don't want my bad mood to be a gateway to being a better mother and person. I want to revel in my misery and ignore all the rest. Oh the kids, you ask? Well they are watching a tv show. ON A SCHOOL DAY and it is Voltron so they will probably reinact the robo-battles on themselves and the dog for the rest of the night. But for now the little boogers are quiet so I can grumpily partake in my afternoon coffee and bitch to myself about lack of sleep and squabbling kids and too many things to do before winter comes and all the balls I have dropped this month and all the poor decisions I have made. Ever. ( looooooong list.)
I was planning on having a real femavore day. I have a bushel of tomatoes waiting for me to can, but when I turned on the water a little while ago to get started, brown horror movie sludge came out. Somebody had turned on the hose and ran the well dry again. So it is off to the hardware store for new salt for the system and jugs of water for us. And the whole time, the kids were really helpful and cheerful, which didn't help my bad mood at all. Emma singing and dancing about water shortages and trying to pick up 40 lb bags of salt is a real bad mood breaker so I had to work extra hard to hold on to my surlyness.
and on top of that, everyone around me is so bloody chirpy today. I am disgusted. Yeesh.
My husband is never in a bad mood so it is totally useless to call him. He will just make fun of me and my poor attitude then force shards of happiness into my grey soul with his sweet disposition. The nerve!

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