Friday, September 16, 2011

 Last weekend we were doing this:

Capt. Zac with Capt. Harris.  We saw two whales on this ride!

Pirate Princess Emma

Arg me hearty, it's Zacamaroo

Pirates everywhere. The kids were relieved they were in costume. That way the REAL pirates would think they were real too and possibly not eat them or "throw them in the hole" as Zac says.

There were many activities at the Eastport Pirate Festival:  parades, bed races, contests, food, music. It is non-stop pirates for a week across Passamaquoddy bay.
It was really fun and very silly.
There was a terrific boat race and fireworks and church suppers and yard sales and dancing, bed races and  and all manner of things. We took the kids on a "Pirate boat ride with real Pirates!"
with Eastport Windjammers. Shops and restaurants and galleries were open  and the Eastport was looking her best in swags and flags.

Everyone was very well behaved and polite, even into the grown-up hours.  We were hoping to witness  some swarthy behavior, but sadly, none.
There was dancing in the streets to a jug band from Portland and an Acadian band from New Brunswick
and dressed like pirates we all had a goodly time.
  Pirates, however are really more about  thievery,grog, scurvy,raping and pillaging, ransom, looting and the clap, right?  Cannon balling and lead balling, fearlessness and desperation, weevil tack, keel hauling, black balling and filth and rum and grog and dead man chests and stuff like that.
Pirates are NSFL.

 We contemplated what it would be like if an actual boatload of actual pirates, Gulf of Aden pirates,say, Or Red Sea Pirates rushed the harbour and ransack the town. Oh how we fake pirates would scatter.
 I do know one or two pirate types and a few more benign anarchist types up there who might be up for it. Not me though, I'd scatter.

We had some lovely walks as regular humans as well. Walking = happiness.

Back and forth and back and forth.
Ladies and offspring walking together. It was so good to share that time with you. "A great refresh" to quote Emma.

After a time like that, then 6 hrs. home turn around, drive to Boston, drop off Daddy at the airport. Get home, unpack car which immediately spews bags, clothes, stuff, shoes, food particles and kids all over the yard, in through the front door and all throughout the house. Instantly. Somehow the kids and I normalize the chaos so they can be up Monday morning  peacefully.
And then the rest of the week happened.
And now it is today.
and we get him back tomorrow. 

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