Friday, July 20, 2012

Dialogue with a six year old

At one hour post bedtime E peeks her head in my room;
"I just need to take this (diamond costume jewellery) to get it wet. I need it to change my dreams if they get bad, or switch from dream to dream to dream. I need to wash it because it has to be clean. It works bad if it is not clean."
 What is interesting to me is that all on her own, she has developed ritualized coping strategies for the things "that bump the night". She has used the same piece of costume jewellery and has the same ritual of getting it wet, rolling it in a face cloth, shaking it out, jingling it in her hand, whizzing it about a bit to test it's strength. It doesn't happen every day, but it has been occurring since she was three and a half or so.

E: I have a song for you, Mama: "I looooooove you Mamma, even when I'm dead. I looooooooove you Mamma, even when you're dead. Dead dead dead, dead, dead, dead, deeeeeeaaaaaaadddddd....
DEEEEAAAAAADDDDD! (Jazz hands flourish, spin and drop to one knee) TAH-dah!
Do you like it, Mum?     0.0

"I have been thinking, Mum, and I think that I really do not want a very, very dangerous job. Like a fireman, or a saver guy. when I grow up. Because I like to be comfortable.

Me:"E, there was a bat flying around the house last night!"
E: "Why didn't I see it?"
Me: "You guys were asleep. Dad and I were downstairs and all of a sudden, a bat starts flying around! I don't know how he got in. I wonder if he has been in the house all day! So we opened up the big doors and..."
E:"Did you take a picture?"
Me: "No, actually I didn't think to in all the excitement..."
E: "I don't believe you."
Me: "Really? Why not?"
E: "I really need prooth. Like a picture to prooth to me it really happened. It's my scienthitic mind."
Me: "Oh, I see."

Picking blueberries together and for conversation I say,"Ask me a question."
Z: "How did pterodactyls fly?"
E: (scoffs),"That's easy! They had hollow bones and they didn't fly, the glided, they didn't figure out real flying until they became birds. I have a question: How did the earth begin exactly? How did all the plants and animals and water and rocks and people happen and what was there before our earth? That's what I want to know!"
Me: "That is going to take a while..."
E: "That's ok, I got time."

E: When I grow up, I want to be the owner of a restaurant that has the best kids play place in the world and also the best food. Will will also have music. and YOU can work for me , Mum, because you will need something to do when I grow up, but I won't pay you because you are my Mum. Well, I will pay you with love, maybe.

E: "Mum, why do you have skin on the back of you arm that is not filled with bone and when I wiggle it, it goes 'wolla wolla wolla?' why is it like that?"
Me: "That is where I store my cape, so if I am needed, I can whip it out and go save something."
E: "Prooth it."
Me: "There is no emergency right now."
E: "There is an emergency somewhere in the world."
....we stare at each other straight faced for a while...
E: "Ok, then."

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