Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rhyming with children

The kids are at a fun stage of life where they rhyme everything, yet they have a limited vocabulary. They have no problem making up words to accommodate their efforts though, and the results?
The results go like this:

Loop, soup, goop, POOP! Ha! Hahahahahahaha!
See, bee, fee, me, re, PEE!  Hahahahahahahahahahaha!
luck, buck, suck, F...! (They know what this one means, so...not funny.)

(Funny story: I was trying to get us out the door, and one thing after another was holding us up. Because I am REALLY trying to curb my pirate mouth, I caught myself before I hissed out a no-say word and instead said "FFFaa fa fa fa." Z interjects,"Don't you mean, fuck, Mum?" Actually not really a funny story.) 0_0

Ruby, looby, nooby, BOOBY! (Intentional)

Whizz, fizz, his, biz, JIZZ! (Unintentional)

Itch, witch, gitch, litch, B....! (Unintentional)

Hunt, runt, zunt, lunt, C....! (Unintentional)

Sass, nass, lass, bass, ASS! (Unintentional)

Sick,  Rick, Lick, Nick, D...! (Unintentional)

Hit, bit, git, rit, dit, SH..! (Hopefully unintentional)

Bigger, Tigger, N.....! GAHHHH! stop rhyming!!!!!

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