Saturday, July 28, 2012

Family visits

Uncle Itchy, Aunty Nancy, cousin Katie and cousin Erin arrived this afternoon. We had been anticipating their arrival and cleaned up the house and everything. Although E thought it a bit silly to clean her room, as she said she would simply close her door and not allow anyone in.

Judging the people who slowly emerged, blinking, from the car, Z, instead of introducing himself, declared, "Well, this is not as much fun as I thought it would be." And ran off.
E was overcome with shyness and hid her head behind me.

After Z excused himself for being rude and tried a more successful hello  and E broke the ice for herself by appearing in a series of fancy costumes, where she would make an entrance, curtsey, then disappear and return in another costume to repeat the pageantry until she found her voice and could actually talk, we went to show them the tree house. Standing on the tree house deck, Cousin Katie suddenly yelped and declared something bit her.
"Katie's scared of bugs. She's a girly girl" Her mother scoffed.
"Well at least she didn't shriek..." I joined in, happily riding cousin Katie's bug phobia.
Suddenly something stung ME right under my chin and I shriek. And flap. And probably cursed.
We had upset a hive of deadly, silent wasps. Everyone evacuates the tree house. Except Z, whom I did not realize was still up there until he got stung too.
Happily we discovered all of us survived the attack, and after some ice and a cuddle, we were none the worse for wear.

Z informed me that his real mother was lost and now he is stuck with me, his fake one. apparently his real mother got chopped into pieces. Later revised to loosing just her head, later revised into both of them walking in the desert, when Z stopped to play with a kangaroo and his mother wandering off and becoming lost. Yet the outcome is still the same. He is now stuck with me, his fake mother. 
I told him he could hang out with me until he found her and he said, very formally, thank you.
Then he told his father that when he grows up he will go into war and drive his father there too. Then fight him to the death. This future epic battle was caused over having to sit and find his calm spot due to another battle Z was fighting in his head.

The ladies (Including Uncle J) took E to get her ears pierced. Something she had been "ready" for for a week now. We all piled into the car and went to the mall, where I started to immediately feel the effects of my allergy to such places. E was rather awestruck, "This is a huge building with lots of smaller buildings inside it, and we can buy everything?!"
Unfortunately, by the time she was sitting in the ear piercing chair, with dots on her ears, she had psyched herself out so much that she started having a panic attack. But still she did not want to leave. I pulled the plug when I noticed she was actually beginning to hyperventilate.  Uncle J decided to give her a treat to help slave the trauma and immediately she is better, skipping about the store. She winds up with a makeup kit and a glittery collapsible pocket brush. I wind up with a disapproving frown. Uncle J winds up making fun of me. Then he gets her a milkshake from D&D and I put my foot down. More whispered hallarity. I decide Z will need a little treat to make it fair and we all tromp back to the ear piercing place where an identical glittery collapsible pocket brush is purchased for him. (By Uncle J, again.) I feel somewhat grumpy. When kids get stuff for no real reason, they think all of a sudden that this is the way it will be from now on, and it takes work to change the course of that. But nobody cares about this but me and my handsome husband. Everyone else laughs. Phooey.

Later Husband and I go and spray the hornet's nest and exact our revenge. The things were huge and horrible.

And today is family reunion day. Should be good.

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