Thursday, January 13, 2011

2 feet of snow, Sparkplugs and a Laundry Elf

Didn't we have a storm yesterday! 2 feet came down in 12 hours or something like that.
Wind! Snow! 
Wind!! Snow snow snow SNOW!
Extreem Weather!
This is my Handsome Husband's favorite atmosphere and he would have been out there on the tractor, plowing out the neighbors and spinning donuts in our driveway giddy as a school girl... but Baltimore has got him until Saturday.

 We have a generator. It has a bad spark plug and a 1/3  tank of dirty gas.  Storms are not be so enjoyable with a useless generator.
And by noon time it was thick. Heavy and swirling snow, wind tossing the heads of the trees and whipping whirlpools of it in the air. I had to get the generator running so if the power goes out I am not caught like some dumass fiddling around in the dark.
"Hey kids! Remember what can  happen when we get storms like this?"
"It gets dark!"
"Right! The power goes out and we start the generator."
"Ok, I have to go fix up the generator so it can start. Who's with me?"
Blank stares.
"You guys want to watch a show?"
Some time later after locating the right long socket, socket wrench, bucket...   (Why is it always only the tools you need that are missing?)
Anyway, it took a while and The silence above was starting to pitter patter. The magic of the TV was  fading and their natural tendencies were reappearing. But I was ALLLLmost done and it didn't sound  really THAT bad.

Anyway, I get upstairs and...All seemed fine. The little darlings were playing 123 blastoff and Aber is gnawing away at a toy.
The generator was functional. Let the storm rage.

Much later, when I went to use the downstairs potty, I saw this:

"That looks very carefull placed." I thought to myself.

As fate would have it, Little Zac wandered past.
"Zac, do you know something about this?"
"Yup Maam!"
"What happened?"
" I helped with the laundry-a! Good boy Zac!" He self congratulated.
Then blasted off down the hall.
He even remembered the soap:


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