Saturday, January 8, 2011

SOUND PANEL PROJECT!! (am I yelling?)

We Lincolns are a loud family. In fact it can get so loud in the house that I want to run away. It makes your eyes stutter. It makes your short hairs curl. It echos kid shrieks and dog barks and toy noises until the bouncing, repeating, reverberating cacophony literally drives you from the house. It interrupts whale migration. It. Is. Loud.
 Husband claims it comes from the Munday side and he may be right. We are a boisterous bunch. But now is not the time for that. I want to share with you the ongoing project we have going to try to ease our bleeding ears: sound absorbing panels!
We checked out websites where we could purchase these wall mounted miracles and decided, as is our fashion, that we could make them better and cheaper than the experts who make a living at it. So at a cost that approximately doubled what we would have paid, we are now 11 panels in to the project. To be sure, we did expand our tool collection with a miter saw utility vehicle (no, really.) and some other "essential" tools. So it's all worth it.
But seriously. I love tools.

Here is Husband building frames out of poplar & plywood
 Nice beveled edge, no?
 Fancy pressed insulation that took FOREVER to track down.

 All the tools you need to stretch fabric over the frames. P.S. It is a good idea to use proper canvas stretching pliers for this. I was ridiculous and did not. My hands paid the price...whimper.
 Don't worry! The air compressor was outside! Stretching fabric on frames

 "Oh look! we finished two! Put them up!"
 We have more to add to this collage, and some artistic detailing to be done....

"But MY! Isn't it quiet!"

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