Sunday, January 9, 2011

E learns to Ski

My little whiz kid, who "Is not afraid of ANYthing!"(her words) Is strapping on her boots and learning to ski.
 The excitement is palpable the night before...
 Some serious poses are called for at a time like this...
 The instructors tie balloons to their helmets. Good way to sort out the dozens of kids taking lessons
 She's up!
She's down!
I had to share this moment with you because her excitement was over the top. I remember feeling the same way when I started skiing.

In other news...

I get the kids out every day for a walk. We are lucky enough to have our house back on to a few hundred acres of woods and trails so we can amble out our back door and disappear. But sometimes my enthusiasm for walking is just not shared by my offspring. This day was particularly challenging as they we being absolute buggers so on a whim I grabbed my newest puppet Lou, ran a few steps down the path and threw him up a tree. Well if all it takes is to throw a puppet up a tree call me a goodwill ambassador. All of a sudden my little nightmares turned into giggling adventure hiker-kids and off we went chucking Lou up trees, over logs and through bushes so he could find acorns to eat. Everyone was happy and we even found some ice to try to break our necks on. Success!

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  1. Karen, I think you should add to the list of a million things you do each day a new chore: begin writing your biography: Karen, the unobtrusive (and therefore real) super-mom.