Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hello Internets!

Well here it is...the moment has arrived and I have joined the blogosphere.
I am intending this to be a great tool for sharing our life with you all.
This will be a mash of family stuff, craft stuff and a log of my personal dabblings and obsessions.
So as not to dally... I was surprised by my friend Nicole tonight when she dropped by the house with this article in the Derry News:
It's me entertaining kiddos at  the Derry farmers market here in NH! I was set up there with my basket 'o' noise makers, puppets, and a story I wrote & illustrated and while parents were loading up on local food and stuff, Their kids were doing the animal dance and  singing songs and partying it up with me and my puppet friend Lou.
I love farmers markets.  It seems so difficult to connect with people sometimes, but at the Farmer's Market, everyone is smiling and chatting and enjoying being together.  In fact I love Farmer's Markets so much I am writing a song about it that I will unveil at.....The next Farmer's Market!
whoo! Clap clap!

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